10 Ways To Capture Memories From Your Trip

Jennifer Meza
By Jennifer Meza
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Have you ever taken a vacation and come home with many photos, but no memories? This article is for all of you who had this experience and it will discuss tips for capturing memories from your trips.

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There are many ways to capture memories from your trip. Here are 10 tips for capturing memories that will last a lifetime:

1. Take photos of people you meet on your trip – whether it’s a unique landmark or someone in the street, taking photos of people can make for some really memorable moments.

2. Document your food – try to take pictures of every meal you eat on your trip, as this will give you a fantastic collection of recipes to recreate at home.

3. Capture the atmosphere – whether it’s dusk in Rome or bright morning light in Bali, take photos to capture the mood and atmosphere of your destination.

4. Take videos of yourself – whether it’s explaining what you’re doing or just goofing around, filming yourself will help you to remember your trip in a fun and entertaining way.

5. Take pics of everything – from landscapes to cute pet dogs, there’s bound to be something interesting and capturing hidden away somewhere on your trip.

6. Make lists – not only will this help to organise your thoughts, but it can also help you to remember things more clearly when writing about your trip afterwards.

7. Get creative ! How to express yourself so that your video is unique or your photo isn’t a clone of others? What do you want to communicate with your trip and what memorable experiences will you have?

8. Add music – making your own playlist while travelling can turn a trip into an adventure, it can also spark up your creativity when you upload the video to YouTube.

9. Is it the right time to film? It is best considered between:

10a. Intermission (5 minutes) – after the trip has began, you are completely relaxed and enjoying what you experienced so far. This is the perfect time to add some footage!

10b. Half-time (15 minutes) – things are really starting to take off as you get on with your trip but before you feel totally exhausted, this is a good time to film more stuff.

11. Full- time (45 minutes) – you now understand why you wanted to make this video and want to share it because usually your final outcome is unsatisfying, so it’s time to edit if necessary.

12. Celebrations – there are celebrations especially when someone has reached their dream of making a video and watching everyone’s faces when they watch the result is simply unforgettable. You just have to have noticed these moments during childhood!

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