AirAsia: The Motley Crew Behind Your Flight

As the paradigm shifts to a time of affordable travel, more and more budget airlines are cropping up. AirAsia is one such airline that provides an affordable luxury travel service – a model that helps redefine the industry. Learn about how this motley crew has grown.

The Board of The Family

AirAsia is a brand that has taken off in the last few years, thanks to their dedication to customer service. These guys continue this trend by having a passionate and eclectic crew who get behind your flight. From flight attendants who can recite all seven Harry Potter books from memory, to pilots who have flown for over 30 years, AirAsia truly has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a bit of company on your long flight or want to learn about the culture of Indonesia, you’ll be sure to find something on board AirAsia flights!

What Our Mission Statement is

AirAsia is a welcoming and inclusive airline with a mission statement of “To Make the Flying Better”. We are committed to providing the best possible customer experience by fostering a team culture that is open and collegial. Our philosophy is simple – we aim to make our passengers happy.

How To Fly With Us

AirAsia is one of the most popular budget airlines in the world and for good reason – their prices are unbeatable, their customer service is exemplary, and their planes are always on time. But what’s even more remarkable about AirAsia is its motley crew: from pilots to cabin crew, everyone working on a AirAsia flight is passionate about making it the best experience possible. Here’s a look at some of the people who make AirAsia such an amazing travel experience.

AirAsia Private Jet Services

AirAsia is one of the world’s leading low-cost carriers. Founded in 2001, AirAsia now operates a fleet of more than 100 aircraft serving over 190 destinations in 30 countries across Asia and the Pacific. In addition to its mainline operations, AirAsia also offers scheduled private jet services to luxury hotels in key tourist destinations. AirAsia Private Jet Services offers a unique travel experience with its own on-board crew, aircraft and dedicated flight attendants. If you are looking for a luxurious travel experience, check out AirAsia Private Jet Services!

AirAsia Business Class and Bakery

Air Asia is one of the most popular budget airlines in the world today. This is mainly because the airline offers great flight deals and an incredible ground service. Air Asia also has a bakery on board for passengers to enjoy their flight snacks or desserts. Here, we take a look at some of the behind-the-scenes people who make Air Asia such an amazing flight experience.

The Head of Catering: Fuad Syamsuddin\ud

Fuad was born and raised in Indonesia, where he developed a passion for cooking and baking. After completing his culinary training in Denmark, Fuad joined one of Asia’s leading catering companies as Chef de Partie. Later on, he was appointed GM for an AirAsia Boeing 777-300ER domestic route before joining AirAsia as Head of Catering in December 2013. In this role, Fuad is responsible for all facets of foodservice on AirAsia flights from pre-flight preparations to on-board service delivery. He has a wealth of experience operating in both traditional and non-traditional farescales, including long haul and budget carriers.

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