Dirty or Clean, These Are The Top 10 Cleanest Cities In America

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There are different reasons to live and visit different places in the United States, so you might be wondering which cities are the dirtiest – or, rather, the cleanest. This article provides a list of 10 of the cleaner spots where you can hope not to smell anything bad before leaving.

What does it mean for a city to be clean?

A city can be considered clean if it has low levels of pollution and crime. There are a number of factors that contribute to the quality of life in a city, and cleanliness is one of them. Low levels of pollution can improve the quality of air, making it healthier to breathe. Pollution also reduces the amount of light available to plants, which can lead to decreased crop production and increased illness rates.

Crime rates also drop when cities become more clean, as people are less likely to feel unsafe in their neighborhoods. While cleanliness is important for overall quality of life, there are other factors that play into it as well. For example, a city with plenty of lush greenery may look better on paper but may not be as safe. A safe city has low levels of crime, good transportation options, and plenty of healthy food.

Criteria for determining levels of Cleanliness in cities

Cities that make the list of the cleanest cities in America have followed certain criteria when creating their lists. To determine which cities made the cut as the top cleanest cities in America, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed nine factors including public health, environmental health, and crime rates. The United States Conference of Mayors (USCM) was also used to measure city performance in categories like energy and waste reduction. The results are pretty telling: The majority of the cities on the list hail from California, New York, and Virginia.

These three states accounted for 47% of all Clean Cities Award nominations. Other states with multiple entries include Texas (11), Florida (8), Illinois (7), and Georgia (6). Cities that made the list had to demonstrate high levels of public health and environmental protection as well as low crime rates. In order to reduce costs associated with addressing these issues, many of the cities on the list focus on implementing green initiatives such as sustainable transportation, renewable energy use, and food waste reduction.

Procedure to write a list and rank cities based on these criteria

There are a number of factors to consider when ranking the safest cities in America. These include crime rates, GDP per capita, environmental quality, and more. When it comes to crime rates, the number one city on this list is Minneapolis. Minneapolis has a low crime rate overall, and it also has a low rate of property crime. This is likely due to the strong police force and ample resources that are available to law enforcement. The city that follows Minneapolis on this list is Omaha. Omaha also has a low crime rate, but it fares better when it comes to violent crimes.

Violent crimes are uncommon in Omaha, which gives the city a lower rank on this list. Oakland is the third safest city on this list. Oakland has a low crime rate overall, thanks in part to its strong police force. Additionally, Oakland has some of the best environmental quality in the country. This means that environmental crimes are rare in Oakland. Nashville rounds out the top three safest cities on this list. Nashville has a high GDP per capita, which helps keep violent crime rates low. Additionally, Nashville has one of the best environmental quality ratings in the country.

Comparison list including New York, Washington DC, San Francisco and more.

America is currently in the midst of a nationwide cleanup campaign called “Cities Can Purify”. The Cities Can Purify campaign aims to make American cities Dirt-Free through the efforts of municipal governments, non-profit organizations and businesses. To date, dozens of cities have pledged to adopt or improve upon the policies and programs that have made Seattle the world’s most successful city for sustainability. Here we compare four of the most Dirt-Free cities in America according to urban data research platform Walk Score: Seattle New York City Washington D.C. San Francisco


In the age of online shopping, it’s more important than ever to maintain a clean and tidy home. After all, what good is it to shop online if you can’t see your purchases firsthand? That’s where our list comes in: we researched which US cities are the cleanest when it comes to public spaces. Whether you live in one of these top cities or aspire to visit sometime soon, knowing that your city makes the list will give you some relief as you tackle those pesky decluttering tasks at home!

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