Escape the Crowds: Canada’s Best Kept Travel Secrets

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By Grace Parker
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Are you tired of the same old tourist traps? Do crowds make you want to run for the hills? It’s time to discover Canada’s hidden gems! From secret beaches to secluded mountain trails, this stunning country has plenty of travel secrets waiting to be uncovered. So why not escape the hoards and indulge in some off-the-beaten-path adventures? Get ready to explore Canada’s best kept travel secrets that will leave you craving more.

Discover Canada’s Best Kept Travel Secrets

When planning your next trip to Canada, you may be wondering which areas to avoid. Here are some of the country’s best kept travel secrets:

1. The Canadian Rockies: Despite their popularity with tourists, the Canadian Rockies can be quite dangerous in the winter. Make sure to use transportation services that are fully accredited and insured.

2. Riding the Rails: Canada’s vast railway network provides visitors with a unique way to explore the country. If you’re travelling during summer, do not forget to pack a sun dress and sunglasses; days can get very cold on trains.

3. Food Adventures: Many Canadians like to cook their own meals, so visit small towns and villages and try local cuisine at its best. Be adventurous and try something you’ve never eaten before!

4. Discover Remote Places: Many of Canada’s most famous attractions are located in major cities – don’t miss out by travelling off the beaten path! Bonus points if you can take in stunning natural scenery while doing so!

5. Spend Time With Local Families: Whether you’re spending time at a farmer’s market or exploring a small town, family-oriented activities offer an intimate perspective of life in Canada. Trust us – you won’t regret it!

From the Wild to the Unknown: Canada’s Top 8 Hidden Places

1. The Kootenays: Canada’s wildest region is home to stunning mountains, cascading rivers and a wealth of natural attractions.

2. The Okanagan Valley: This picturesque region on the eastern side of the Canadian Rockies is filled with lakes, rolling hills and vineyards.

3. The Gulf Islands: Stunningly diverse islands located off the west coast of Vancouver Island offer stunning views and plenty of activities to keep you busy.

4. Banff National Park: Glacier-crowned peaks, soaring mountain ranges and vast valleys make this park one of Canada’s most beautiful.

5. Nova Scotia: This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers rugged coastline, lush forests and heaths dotted with small fjord settlements.

6. Yoho National Park: Highlights include glaciers, waterfalls and deep canyons in this wilderness conservation area near Lake Louise in Alberta.

From Coast to Coast: Canada’s Top 10 Best Kept Destinations

1. Quebec City: While it may not be the most urban destination in Canada, Quebec City is a beautiful city with plenty to offer tourists. Its historic buildings, picturesque streets and delicious food make it a popular tourist spot.

2. Victoria, British Columbia: Edmonton may be the bigger city in Alberta, but Victoria is the prettiest and has more to offer visitors than just its natural attractions. The city has charming Victorian architecture and an active arts community that makes for a lively experience.

3. Banff National Park: Located in the heart of Canada’s Rockies, Banff National Park is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. The park features stunning mountain ranges, snow-capped peaks and numerous lakes and rivers.

4. Niagara Falls: If you’re looking for a waterfall that you can actually see from your hotel room window (or from anywhere else), then look no further than Niagara Falls! This legendary attraction is made up of three waterfalls – Horseshoe Falls, American falls and Bridal Veil Falls – which are all breathtakingly beautiful.

5. Kelowna: With its sunny weather and endless recreational opportunities, Kelowna is essentially heaven on earth for tourists who enjoy spending time outside all year long! Among the many things to do in Kelowna are sightseeing at Okanagan Valley’s wineries, hiking in nearby mountains or taking a ride on one of its many amusement parks.

Tips for Planning Your Canadian Vacation

When planning your Canadian vacation, keep in mind some tips for avoiding the crowds. In many parts of Canada, tourism is still a new industry and there are often not enough services or facilities available to meet the demands of large numbers of tourists. To avoid overcrowding, make advance reservations at popular tourist spots and attractions.

Also, plan your trip around peak season, when traffic is lighter and accommodations are cheaper. And remember: Leave plenty of time during your trip to explore off the beaten path. There are countless natural attractions and charming villages waiting to be discovered in Canada’s rural areas.


If you’re looking for a getaway from the crowds this summer, look no further than Canada. The country is packed with stunningly beautiful destinations that will have your vacation memories lasting a lifetime. Whether you’re searching for secluded spots to relax on pristine beaches or hilltop villages that are perfect for exploring by bike, Canada has something for everyone. So pack your bags and follow our tips to help make your trip the best it can be!

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