Fueling Your Workout: What to Eat Before and After Exercise

Grace Parker
By Grace Parker
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What Should I Eat Before Exercise?

Before exercise, it is important to eat foods that will give you energy and sustain your blood sugar levels. Good options include: whole grain toast with nut butter, oatmeal with fruit, yogurt with granola, or a banana with peanut butter. It is also important to stay hydrated before exercise, so drink plenty of water or sports drinks.

What Should I Eat After Exercise?

It is important to refuel your body after a workout with healthy food choices. Eating the right foods will help your body to recover, repair muscle tissue, and replenish energy stores.

Some good options to eat after exercise include:

-Whole grain toast with peanut butter or another type of nut butter

-A banana or apple with a handful of nuts

-Yogurt with berries or a trail mix

-A veggie omelet or frittata

-A smoothie made with fruit, yogurt, and/or protein powder

Benefits of Eating Before and After Exercise

Eating before and after exercise has a few benefits. It can help improve your performance during your workout, and it can also help your body recover afterwards. Eating before exercise can help give you energy and keep you from feeling hungry during your workout. Eating after exercise can help you replenish your energy stores and repair any damage that was done to your muscles during your workout.

Pre Workout Snack Ideas

Assuming you’re working out in the morning, here are some ideas for what to eat before your workout:

1) Overnight oats: Mix together rolled oats, chia seeds, milk (dairy or non-dairy), and a bit of honey or maple syrup. Top with fruit or nuts before eating.

2) Egg on toast: Whip up a quick omelet or scramble eggs and put them on top of whole grain toast. Add spinach, cheese, and/or diced ham for extra protein and vitamins.

3) A smoothie: Blend together milk, frozen berries, a banana, nut butter, and flaxseed meal. If you need more staying power, add in some yogurt or protein powder.

Post Workout Snack Ideas

There are a lot of different options when it comes to post workout snacks. It really depends on what your goals are and how you are feeling. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. A high protein snack like Greek yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit.

2. A complex carbohydrate like sweet potato or quinoa with chicken or fish.

3. A green smoothie with spinach, kale, and other healthy ingredients.


Eating the right foods before and after exercise is essential in order to maximize your performance, improve your recovery and get the most out of every workout. As long as you are mindful of what kind of food you should eat concerning timing and macronutrient content, a nutritious diet can help you reach all of your fitness goals without resources or even supplements. If you keep these tips in mind next time when fueling up for an intense workout session, you’ll see great results in no time!

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