How Berlin’s Street Style is Redefining Fashion Trends

By Amelia
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Are you tired of the same old fashion trends dictated by mainstream media? Look no further than Berlin street style for a fresh and exciting take on fashion. With its vibrant and diverse population, Germany’s capital city is home to some of the most unique and innovative looks in the world. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Berlin’s street style is redefining fashion trends and inspiring fashionistas around the globe. Get ready to be inspired!

What is street fashion?

Street fashion in Berlin is constantly evolving, and it’s becoming more and more popular to follow the latest trends. From major fashion capitals like Paris and New York City, to smaller cities like Berlin, street style is always a hot topic. Here are four of the most popular Berlin street style trends right now:

1. The sultry selfie: Berliners are taking their selfies to a whole new level by dressing up for them in glamorous gowns and seductive lingerie. This trend started off as a way for people to show off their creative side, but has quickly become a vehicle for self-promotion.

2. The grunge look: rebel kids across the globe are embracing the grunge look with its clean lines, faded colors, and oversized tees. Occupying a proud place at the heart of the street style scene in Berlin, this look is effortlessly cool – making it perfect for city commuters looking to keep things simple.

3. The animal print craze: Whether it’s printed on top of your booties or spilling down your backside, animal prints are all the rage in Berlin these days. Not only do they add some fun personality to an outfit, but they also provide natural insulation against chilly winter weather.

Types of street fashion in Berlin

Types of street fashion in Berlin include appropriation of high-end brands such as Saint Laurent and Balenciaga, as well as DIY couture with a punk edge. Outfits are often brightly coloured and creatively designed. Individuals typically wear stylish shoes, sunglasses, hats, and bags. They can be seen frequenting popular shopping districts such as Brunnenstraße and Hackescher Markt.

Some common themes in Berlin street style include the punk rock look with torn clothing and multicolored hair, the grunge look with ripped jeans and dark T-shirts, the Bohemian Look with flowery midi skirts, boho jewellery pieces festooned around delicate necks, the edgy rocker chick style with spiked hair pulled back into a messy bun, and the girly girl style sporting frilly dresses accessorized with glittery jewellery. In any given day you are likely to see people dressed up for already or down for whatever mood they happen to be in at that moment.

Street fashion in Berlin is evolving quickly, with new trends constantly emerging. Trendy, avant-garde styles are popping up more and more, and classic staples are being messaged in a fresh way. Whether you’re looking for something punk or edgy, there’s a look for you in Berlin’s streets.

The latest street style trend to hit the city is minimalism. With all of the focus on carefully crafted looks, it’s refreshing to see something less ornate on the runway. Clean lines and architectural shapes are becoming popular again, and we’re seeing a lot of oversized sweaters and cardigans paired with skinny pants or jeans. This look can be accessorized with anything from brightly coloured sneakers tostatement jewellery like colourful bracelets or rings.

If you’re feeling more traditional, consider channeling your inner Audrey Hepburn with some classic 1950s outfits. A wide-brimmed hat (or even an animal onesie if that’s your thing!) teamed with a pretty dress and pearls will give you that polished look that everyone will love. For a little bit of fun, go for some outrageous glamourwear like colorful headbands or neon sunglasses – anything to make your look stand out a little bit!

Whatever style you decide to go for in Berlin’s streets this season – be ready to rock it like nobody’s business!

As one of the most culturally and fashion-forward cities in Europe, it’s no surprise that Berlin’s street style scene is firing on all cylinders. From edgy cuts and chic prints to grunge basics and statement sandals, there’s a look for everyone in this city of trendsetters. Here are five of Berlin’s favourite brands:

1. Mango

The beloved Spanish label Mango has been responsible for some of Berlin’s most iconic fashion moments over the years, from Victoria Beckham’s ultra-stylish Blemish knits to the country girl style icons Kyra Kverneland and Jena Pohl. Whether you crave modern day bohemian glamour or quaint country charm, Mango has got you covered!

2. Eastpak

Known for their spacious backpacks and functional yet stylish designs, Eastpak is a go-to brand for urbanites looking to ditch the carrier bag blues. From trendy essentials like totes and backpacks to chic weekend bags and clutches, there’s something for everyone at this fashionable Dutch company.

3. Local Style Lab

This labour of love is headed up by two talented young women obsessed with finding the perfect vintage pieces to bring back into fashion circulation. From stunningly tailored skirts and tunics to exquisite 60’s inspired jewelry, Local Style Lab has got you covered from head-to-toe in chic retro style!


In Germany, street style is revered as the ultimate arbiter of fashion trends. This mindset has given Berlin a leg up in the fashion world, where trendy and stylish clothing can be found at any time of day or night. From sleek trench coats to intricately designed outerwear, Berlin’s street style is constantly evolving, proving that modern fashion doesn’t have to take itself too seriously. So whether you’re looking for an update on your wardrobes staples or want to show off your city’s quirky side, keep an eye out for Berlin’s Street Style!

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