The Top 10 Fashion Influencers/Bloggers We Are Obsessed With

By Kenneth
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Blogging is one of the fastest-growing industries and it is also becoming a very profitable undertaking. In this list, we’ve rounded up our favourite fashion bloggers and influencers from around the world that not only produce amazing content, but go above and beyond with their level of engagement on social media.

What Influencer are you obsessed with?

One of the biggest trends in fashion these days is influencers. Influencers are people who help to create and popularize certain styles of clothing and beauty. They can be famous celebrities or everyday people who have a lot of followers on social media. Whether you’re a fashionista or not, you might be interested in some of the top influencers out there. Here are three of the most popular influencers that we are obsessed with: 1. Gigi Hadid Gigi Hadid is one of the most popular women in fashion today. She’s been featured in major magazines and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Her YouTube channel has over 1.5 billion views, making her one of the most influential bloggers out there. 2. Zoella Zoella is a young blogger from England who has become one of the biggest fashion stars on the internet. Her blog focuses on affordable fashion and she has over 190 million views on her YouTube channel. 3. The Blonds’ Madeleine Vionnet The Blonds’ Madeleine Vionnet is a French fashion blogger who has become well-known for her sophisticated style.

Why they have inspired you

When I think of the top fashion influencers and bloggers, some of the people that come to mind are Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez. They are all incredibly talented and their style is really something else. Some of the reasons why I have been inspired by these ladies is because they have a really unique look. They don’t JUST rely on traditional fashion trends to dress themselves; they go with what looks good on them and what coordinates well with their own personal style. Another reason why I admire these ladies is because they are always pushing boundaries. They never hesitate to take risks in their fashion choices and this helped to set a new standard for how women should dress. Lastly, I think it’s really admirable how these ladies maintain such a positive attitude despite going through tough times. They are always able to put things in perspective and continue to push themselves in the pursuit of fashion excellence.

How they inspire your own fashion style and story

There are so many incredible fashion influencers and bloggers out there, and we can’t help but be obsessed with them! These people are not only amazing at what they do, but they also have a story to tell. Whether it’s their inspiring photos or their inspirational stories, these bloggers have impacted our fashion style and story in ways we never could have imagined. Here are some of our favorite fashion influencers and bloggers: 1. Issa Rae Issa Rae is a writer, actress, and self-proclaimed “style icon” who has made a name for herself by creating critically acclaimed show pilots like “Insecure” and “Thirteenth Street Connection.” Her blog, The Issa Rae Review, is one of the most popular fashion blogs on the internet, and her own style is heavily influenced by soul music and streetwear culture. 2. Jenna Marbles Jenna Marbles is an online personality best known for her YouTube channel Jenna Marbles Vox, where she provides candid reviews of everyday life experiences. She has also written several books about her life as an online personality, including My Honest Life: A Memoir of An Awkward Teenage Years

1. We have loads of fashion influencers and bloggers we are obsessed with, so here are their Instagram links! 2. Some of our favourites include: Tess Holliday, Jeanene Goh, and Leandra Medeiros. 3. Have a look and see for yourself who is making waves in the fashion world these days!

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