Why Are People Crazy For Dorothy Perkins Tailored Fashion In Europe?

By Kenneth
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There are some truly fashionable brands right now that are killing it with their cool minimalistic wizardly wardrobes. But one European brand that people seem to be going a little crazy for is Dorothy Perkins! Let’s find out why and what makes this fashion label so legendary.

What is Tailored Fashion?

Tailored fashion is typically clothing made to fit a certain person, or a style that suits a certain body type. In other words, it is specifically tailored to suit the individual wearer’s needs. The term “tailored” is used loosely these days and can refer to anything from simply adjusting the fit of an article of clothing to having it made expressly for your body. Tailored fashion is considered more formal than casual wear and can be more expensive. People in Europe are generally more affinity for tailored fashion than in North America.

There are a few reasons for this. In North America, casual wear (such as jeans and t-shirts) is more popular and people are generally more comfortable wearing whatever they feel like. Europeans, on the other hand, tend to be more conservative with their clothing choices, often preferring clothing that matches their dress code or outfit. This preference for tailored clothing also has to do with personal comfort. When people are comfortable in what they’re wearing, they’re less likely to feel self-conscious and look better overall. Another reason why European people are so fond of tailored clothing is because it often reflects the quality of a person’s wardrobe.

How Tailored Fashion Helped Perk Up Dorothy Perkins in European Countries

In recent years, Dorothy Perkins has seen a surge of popularity in Europe due to its tailored fashion options. The retailer has been able to capitalize on this by advertising its clothing options specifically to European customers. This tailored approach has helped to perk up sales in the region, and it seems to be working: In 2018, Dorothy Perkins saw double-digit growth in sales in most European markets, excluding the UK. While the popularity of tailored fashion may be new to some people, it is not uncommon for Europeans to prefer clothing that fits well. In addition, many European customers are willing to pay a bit more for good quality clothes.

This is why Dorothy Perkins has been able to make such a strong impression in the region – its clothing is of high quality, but it is also affordable. Overall, it seems fair to say that Dorothy Perkins’ tailored approach has done well in Europe – the retailer is seeing growing sales and positive feedback from customers. If this strategy can be successful in other regions too, then it could be a big trend for Dorothy Perkins in the future.


When you think of Dorothy Perkins, fashion-forward tailored clothes might not come to mind as a first option. But judging by the uptake of her tailoring products in Europe, people are definitely crazy for Dorothy Perkins tailored fashion – and that’s not all bad news for her business! While there is no denying that European consumers have a love affair with classic styles, there is also a demand for bolder and more contemporary prints. So if you’re looking to start selling your fashionable tailored garments in Europe, be sure to keep these trends in mind!

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