Dining Out on a Diet: The Best Low-Calorie Restaurants in Manchester to Try

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By Grace Parker
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Are you tired of having to sacrifice flavor for the sake of your diet? The good news is that Manchester’s dining scene has got you covered. Filled with restaurants that offer delicious low-calorie options, there’s no need to feel guilty about eating out anymore. From fresh salads to protein-packed dishes, we’ve rounded up the best low-calorie restaurants in Manchester for guilt-free dining experiences!


When it comes to eating out, trying to stick to a diet can be difficult. However, Manchester has a number of great restaurants that offer low-calorie options. Here are some of the best places to try:

1. The Greenhouse Kitchen & Bar: This restaurant offers a range of healthy and delicious options, including salads, soups, sandwiches, and more. Their menu is clearly labeled with calorie counts, making it easy to find something that fits your diet.

2. Lean Kitchen: As the name suggests, Lean Kitchen is all about healthy and hearty meals that won’t weigh you down. They offer soups, salads, wraps, and more – all made with fresh and nutritious ingredients.

3. SkinnyLicious: If you’re looking for something a bit fancier, SkinnyLicious is definitely worth checking out. They offer upscale dishes like seared scallops and grilled salmon – all without breaking the calorie bank.

The Best Places to Dine Out in Manchester

There are plenty of great places to eat out in Manchester, no matter what your diet or calorie needs may be. Here are some of our favorites:

Nando’s: Nando’s is a great option for those looking for a lower calorie meal. Their chicken is cooked without any added oil or fat, and their sides are all relatively healthy as well.

Pret A Manger: Pret is perfect for a quick and healthy meal on the go. They have a wide variety of sandwiches and salads that are all under 500 calories.

Boston Market: Boston Market is another great option for those looking for a hearty but healthy meal. Their rotisserie chicken is cooked without any added oil or fat, and their sides are all reasonably healthy as well.

Types of Diets to Consider When Dining Out

If you’re trying to eat healthier, you might be avoiding restaurants. But dining out can be part of a healthy diet—you just need to know what to order. Here are some tips for how to dine out on a diet, including the best low-calorie restaurants in Manchester.

When you’re trying to watch your weight, it’s important to be mindful of the types of food you’re eating. That means knowing which ingredients are high in calories and avoiding them when possible. It also means being aware of portion sizes— ordering an appetizer instead of an entree can help you control how much you eat. And finally, it means making sure you’re getting enough nutrients by choosing foods that are high in fiber and protein.

The good news is that there are plenty of healthy options available when eating out—you just need to know where to look. So if you’re looking for the best low-calorie restaurants in Manchester, here are a few places to start:

1) Salvi’s

2) The Counter

3) Wagamama

4) The Einstein’s Bagels

5) Tossed

Healthy Options for Each Type of Diet

When it comes to dining out on a diet, there are plenty of healthy options to choose from in Manchester. Whether you’re following a low-calorie, low-carb, or vegetarian diet, there are several restaurants that can accommodate your dietary needs. Here are some of the best low-calorie restaurants in Manchester to try:

1. The Kitchen Table – This restaurant offers a variety of healthy and flavorful dishes made with fresh ingredients. Their menu includes options for both meat-eaters and vegetarians, so everyone can find something to enjoy. Plus, their portion sizes are perfect for those who are watching their calorie intake.

2. True Food Kitchen – This restaurant is all about healthy eating, with a menu that features nutrient-rich dishes made with organic ingredients. They have both vegan and vegetarian options available, as well as gluten-free and dairy-free choices. Whether you’re looking for a light lunch or a hearty dinner, True Food Kitchen has something for you.

3. Chop’t – This fast-casual eatery is great for those who want a quick and healthy meal on the go. Their salads are packed with fresh veggies and lean protein, making them a filling and satisfying option for any dieter. And if you’re short on time, you can even order online or through their mobile app so your food is ready when you are.

The Benefits of Eating Out & Sticking to a Diet

The benefits of eating out and sticking to a diet are numerous. For one, you get to enjoy delicious food without having to cook it yourself. And, if you’re sticking to a healthy diet, you can be sure that you’re getting nutritious meals that will help you reach your goals.

Plus, dining out is a great way to socialize and connect with others. Whether you’re catching up with friends or family, or meeting new people, dining out is a great way to bond over good food.

And finally, sticking to a diet when eating out can be tough, but it’s definitely doable. With a little planning and some knowledge of the best low-calorie restaurants in Manchester, you can make healthy choices when dining out that will help you stay on track with your diet goals.


There are many great low-calorie restaurants in Manchester that offer healthy, delicious meals. When you’re dining out on a diet, it can be tricky to decide which one is best for you. With the help of this guide, however, we trust that you’ll have no problem finding your go-to spot and embracing some healthier eating habits. Happy eating!

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