Healthy Drinks for Your Summer Night Parties

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By Jennifer Meza
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This article discusses that healthy drinks can help you get through the summer season. Take a look at the tips given to see what type of drink can be brought to your next party!

What is a Party?

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Drinking Responsibly

Drinking responsibly is key when it comes to having a safe and fun summer night party. Stick to drinks with lower alcohol content if you want to avoid getting too tipsy or drunk. In addition to choosing lower-alcohol drinks, make sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated overall. This will help prevent excessive thirst and dehydration, both of which can make you more prone to mishaps. Avoid drinking too many high-alcohol cocktails, either; these can quickly lead to intoxication. Finally, don’t forget about your manners! It’s important not to drive ortext while impaired, and be respectful of your fellow partygoers. Stick to sensible conversation topics and avoid making any remarks that could be construed as embarrassing or offensive.

Cold and Refreshing Beverages

When it comes to partying in the summer, there are a lot of choices to be made. Whether you’re looking for something cold and refreshing to take the edge off, or something more exciting with a punch, these six drinks will have you thriving all night long. 1) The Watermelon Margarita: This refreshing drink is perfect for hot weather parties. Just mix together 1 part lime juice, 2 parts tequila, and 1 part fresh squeezed watermelon sherbet for a delicious margarita that’s sure to cool you down! 2) The Strawberry Lemonade Slushy: This drink is super easy to make and will be a hit with any summer partygoer. Simply mix together 1 cuprozen strawberries, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, and 8-10 ounces of purified water or club soda for a refreshing beverage that’ll take the edge off. 3) The Pineapple Margarita: Looking for something crazy refreshing but still tropical? Try this pineapple margarita recipe that involves juicing half a pineapple and mixing it with your favorite tequila.

Summertime Drinks for Your Coolers

Summertime always feels like a party. And what better way to celebrate than with some cold drinks? Here are six healthy drinks that are perfect for summer night parties! 1) Freshly made iced tea is a classic summer drink. Brew your tea with fresh fruit and fragrant spices, then chill it in the fridge for an hour or two. You can also add in some slices of citrus for a little extra spice. 2) Watermelon juice is a refreshing alternative to sweet drinks. Cut up chunks of watermelon and mix them with juice or ice cubes to make your own personalised cold drink. 3) Spinach smoothies are a great way to get your five servings of veggies each day. Blend up some spinach, banana, milk and yogurt until smooth, then serve in a glass and top with frozen fruit or nuts for added sweetness and crunchiness. 4) icy mango margaritas will cool you down on a hot summer night. Combine cubed mango, lime juice and tequila into an icy cocktail, then serve in chilled glasses topped with whipped cream or crushed mallow chips. Yum!


Looking for drinks that are both healthy and refreshing? Here are five healthy summer drinks to enjoy at your next night party! 1.Fresh fruit-based drink: Instead of reaching for a sugary drink, make your own with fresh fruit. blending different fruits together results in a sweet and fruity drink that is both healthy and refreshing. 2.Ginger limeade: This classic summer drink is made with ginger, lime juice, sugar, and ice. Its potent flavor and icy consistency make it the perfect refresher for hot summer nights. 3.Mixed berry smoothie: This smoothie is packed full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Plus, its mix of berries makes it sweet and colorful without any added sugars or calories. 4.Spicy cucumber lemonade: This zingy drink is made with cucumbers, lemon juice, honey, cayenne pepper, and cold water. It’s perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day! 5.Pineapple margarita: For a tropical twist on a regular margarita, try this pineapple version instead! The tangy fruit paired with the tequila.

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